Appeal for Responsible Dog Ownership
Border Collie Rescue (BCR) grew out of the need to find adoptive homes for the ever-increasing number of unwanted Border Collies.

Failure to provide a suitable environment has resulted in BCR re-homing over 400 Border Collies a year in Gauteng alone. Invariably they are given up because their herding instinct, left untrained and undiverted, leads to destructive tendencies.  A major reason why they are put up for adoption is that a Border Collie who is not mentally stimulated will most likely turn to his environment for some “action”.
“Action” includes some of following behaviours:
·        Running paths in your landscaped garden.
·        Modifying your irrigation system
·        Chewing.and digging
·        Herding anything that moves, eg. playing children, cats, cars and the lawnmower.
·        Chasing children, nipping them if they won’t stop or move in a certain direction.
·        Some Border Collies even display neurotic behaviour.

To compound the problem, more and more Border Collies are being diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia or HD (a term, which encompasses a number of specific developmental, and other abnormalities involving the hip joint.)  An unsound joint is usually a painful one and lameness will result.  In extreme cases the dog may find movement very difficult and much suffering will be involved.  It is known that 2 factors determine whether HD is to occur and, if so, how bad it will be.  Inheritance and “environment”, the former relates to the genetic code passed to the offspring and the latter to all outside influences like nutritional needs and exercise. Professional advice is necessary to ensure that the right combination of therapies is applied.  Have you noticed stiffness in your dog?  For peace of mind and for the well being of your pet ask your veterinarian’s opinion.

In light of the above we appeal to you to promote sterilization.
·    Sterilization
·   Education
·   Responsible breeding

These are the only ways to start solving these problems.

Think of the more than 10 000 healthy pets that face euthanasia every month in South Africa.

Please also give a thought to the many wonderful adult dogs looking for permanent, approved homes. If you think you could give a Border Collie the home it deserves, please contact our volunteers through Julie Morris on and (011) 395 2259. 
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NPO no. 006620
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