Thank you Saints team!

Dear Saints Team,
We would kindly like to acknowledge your pawsome support in aid of our NPO Border Collie Rescue. You raised and amazing R 105 222.70 for us this year – happy tail wags.
What a wonderful surprise to receive our birthday bonus of the value of 23 020 ZAR at the Saints 3rd Birthday Bash on the 30th of June 2015.
What an “pawsome” evening we had at the Joe Parker Comedy Club. Happy tail wags, so much fun with all the animates, Jeremy and Jacky as MC’s , the comedians and all of the SAINTS Team,
Paws up to all that made this evening such a success! We had lots of fun , enjoyed the comedians, the photo boot, the auctions, the prices for the best hats. Wooohooo and the collies won it!
Julie and I had a competition going- lol, sending each other pictures of our hats before the events to make sure you recognize it’s a collie hat .
Thank you so much for caring and opening your hearts and helping all of our worthy causes, one paw at a time, it was amazing to see what you have raised in total for all our animals in need.
Thank you Viv and your Team of staff and volunteers, without you all it would have never happened. Viv you have created a legacy, from selling books in aid of our furry friends on plastic tables to two shops in the center, and three online boutiques. We would like to salute you all : Viv Eliott, Shelley Cooper, Deborah Cosslett Giles, Gisele Oertel, Vera Wyss, Jacqui Thompson, Jeremey Mansfield, Carol Mitchell, Shane, Beverley Schellingss, Susi Wrathall, Verna Campell and Craige Wynne, Michele De Ponte, Byron Willaim Eatwell, Vince and Jenna Lemkus, Kelly Gaskell Watts, Bronwywn Yarr, Jackie Stainton Taryin Migatchev, Steve Egan, Elizabeth Strydom, Richard Cooper and Vincent and all the people that care and support SAINTS.
Without people like you, that really care, we at Border Collie Rescue would not be able to continue the work we do. We really appreciate you all making this difference to all of our furry friends in rescue and giving our rescue dogs their second chance in life. With the birthday bonus raised by SAINTS we can pay the kennel fees for one months for 15 of our rescue dogs, or spay and neuter 27 of our rescue dogs .
Let me tell you all a little bit about Border Collie Rescue our Non-Profit Organization, which paw prints you have on your hearts.
In 1997, Border Collie Rescue (BCR) grew out of the need to find adoptive homes for the ever-increasing number of unwanted Border Collies (BC).
Since then BCR had to re-home approximately 6500 BC’s. (Roughly 300 dogs per year and increasing) Volunteers strive to ensure that all Border Collies needing homes find permanent placement and that owners are capable of dealing with the challenges and demands of living with these immensely active and intelligent dogs. BCR is also an invaluable service for many Border Collie owners who, through no fault of their own, can no longer care for their trusted friend.
Some of our main objectives are to:
• Educate the public about the Border Collie (BC) – don’t choose a dog by looks, research the breed
• Find adoptive homes for unwanted BC’s – this is our Julie, who most of you know, as she is a SAINT addict.
• Provide rehabilitation for abused BC’s.
• Provide foster homes for abandoned BC’s.
• Raise funds to cover the operating costs of BCR i.e. sterilization, advertising, kenneling fees, transport, telephone and other veterinary expenses. This we can do thanks to you Team SAINTS.
BCR registered as a nonprofit organization in 1999. NPO Nr 006 620. For all the dogs in our care, that you Team SAINTS made a difference too you can visit our website at
Happy tail wags at the kennels, thank you once again for caring. We love you Team SAINTS.
Lots of love and Licks
All the furry friends at BCR