Update on Mulligan & Duff

February 2015

We would also like to provide you with an update on Mulligan and Duff our special boys, who both were kept on a farm in isolation in some abandoned out buildings.  They had no contact with animals and humans, and no idea of the world outside of their four walls where they lived their entire life. Mulligan is coming along nicely, he is eating out of a bowl, sadly when we rescued him neither he or Duff did not know what a food bowl was . He is interacting with our other rescue dogs and we can sit with him and cuddle him.  He is great with other dogs, but still skittish around new people but he is taking food out of our hands now. He is going to need a very patient home who will let him progress at his rate and not try and rush him into anything.


Duff is in a foster home with one of our BCR Committee member, he is interacting nicely with the other dogs, but still very very shy towards human. He  was the more timid one of the two brothers, but he is making slowly progress into the right directions and getting used to human company and every so often comes and licks Fiona’s hand when she has her back turned to him and he is putting his front feet’s into the kitchen, he comes when you call his name J . He is also playing Hide and Seek with Blue a blind Border Collie.   After all the ordeal, we owe it to him to give him all the time he needs to recover.










Thank you for walking their journey with us, without your support we would not be able to make a difference.